About Jennie


‘Jennie is the friggin dog’s bollocks! An inspiration every day’ – Tom Hiddleston

‘Jennie is the cat’s whiskers … an incredible teacher/human being …. love her!!  Kate O’Flynn

I am an acting coach, a playwright, a theatre director and an activator – my term for a catalyst that encourages something to happen, or a chemical impurity that causes luminescence – either, or both, are relevant to my way of working.

          ‘Jennie is an extraordinary mentor and teacher who has inspired and guided many lucky people – Candida Benson

funny,passionate, irreverent and wise. Jennie Buckman rocks! She puts the oooh in Guru and the aaah in teacha. Jennie has been my touchstone throughout my career and she never fails to challenge me to keep learning and perfecting my technique. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you’re an actor who likes to keep on your toes and keep it real go get Jennie Bucked.”             Katy Cavanagh

What I do is

  • Help established actors prepare for new parts
  • Prepare students for drama school auditions
  • Lead acting workshops for established theatre companies
  • Run corporate training for public sector workers 
  • Artistic Director of Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Theatre Company 
  • Write new plays for Giants and BBC

I was Head of Acting at RADA (until 2007), and I am a regular tutor at the Actors Centre, and Actors Guild

I am also a citizen of Leyton, a proper old leftie, a mum of 4, a nan of 8, an ardent feminist, a lover of Shakespeare, and a collector of interesting cuss words.

Please check out the rest of this website for further details about my work and my approach.

I would be delighted to talk to you about how we could work together. Please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.